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How To Pledge

A 2 step guide to sharing the upside


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Step 1: The pledge form

It all starts with your pledge.  Just fill out our online pledge form.

Question Answer
What information do I provide? Your  company name and URL.
Your name and role in the company.
The percent or amount of options or warrants (typically about 1%).
Is it legally binding? No
Should I discuss with my Board / partners? It's a good idea.
Does my startup need to be at a certain level of advancement? No, it is never too early to make the commitment.
What do I receive in return? We will announce your decision to give back on social media and add your company to our list of Members, and our partners at Pledge 1% will do the same.
We will send you a member resource package to help you get started promoting your social mission.
What happens next? We send you documentation about the legal donation.
You market the philanthropic commitment your company just made – spread the word that you are sharing your upside!

Step 2: The legal donation

We hope your donation will eventually lead to a significant donation to charities and so we need to legally document it.
This will ensure that all future stakeholders recognize the commitment you made to strengthen your startup with a social mission.

Question Answer
How do I make my donation legal? The easiest way is to assign options to the Upside Foundation.
We can also prepare a customized legal agreement for you to review and sign, or you can assign warrants.
How can I assign options? If you already have an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), all that is required is a tweak to the definition of an eligible participant- then you add the Upside Foundation as an option holder and voila!  You're done.
If you do not have an ESOP yet but would like one, our lawyers can prepare a customized one for you at a discounted rate of $500.
Should I discuss with my Board / partners? Yes. It is not required to speak with a lawyer or accountant if you are signing a legal agreement, but you might be more comfortable checking in with them.  If you have specific questions, our legal team can help.
Does my startup need to be at a certain level of advancement? No, all that is required is that you are incorporated.
What do I receive in return? Membership in the Upside Foundation, including access to our network, events and member perks.
A social mission and a lasting legacy for your company.
What happens next? Come to our events.  Network.  Build your company.
Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you be successful!