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Howard Gwin (February 2015) Speaking about The Upside Foundation
February 19, 2015

At a recent Mentor Morning, held at Ryerson DMZ, Howard Gwin moderated a panel discussing product marketing.  Before he started, Rob Antoniades, the chair of Upside Foundation, gave a short overview and Howard added his perspective on why he supports The Upside Foundation.

It was standing room only at DMZ – impressive given the talk started at 8AM on a Tuesday morning after the long Family Day (freezing!) weekend.

  • A panel of 4 tech veterans – April Dunford (COO Tulip Retail), Dan Debow (SVP, Mark Jaine (President / CEO Intelex) and Brian Hartlen (CMO Blueprint Software Systems) – with Howard Gwin (Corporate Director) moderating their lively discussion, shook up traditional notions of product marketing.
  • Peter Smith, the MC and President of Meaford Group, introduced The Upside Foundation as something “everyone in the room should know”.
  • Howard Gwin endorsed the Foundation, telling attendees to “go to Upside Foundation because I believe vigorously that we as a tech community can make a much bigger difference than we do”.

Lots of takeaways from the product marketing discussion, including:

  • Be clear about your value proposition.
  • Focus, focus, focus. You will have to say no to some customers and leads.
  • “Product marketing is iterative – your plan will never be finished”
  • “ If you’re not embarrassed by your website, you waited too long!”
  • You should be selling pain relief to your customers.
  • The type of person you want for a product marketer is the calibre of a potential CEO – it is that important to your business.

We collectively critiqued (aka provided helpful suggestions) on various websites belonging to a few unsuspecting attendees – including one on which Howard is on the Board.  Honest feedback, entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

Kudos to the panelists, moderator , MC and the sponsors – Dynamite, Meaford Group, and AceTech – for a thought provoking event.


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