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November 16, 2017


On November 15th, #Tech4SickKids officially launched with strong support from Toronto’s tech and innovation community at MaRS.  An initiative led by Jodi Kovitz and Salim Teja, top leaders from Toronto’s tech and innovation community have led the charge to rally the community in support of SickKids.

The goal is to raise $25 million for new, state-of-the-art spaces, people, and programs.

The funds raised through Tech4SickKids will help to make a transformational impact on patients and their families:

  • Support the first Chair in biomedical informatics and artificial intelligence in Canada;
  • Work to ensure SickKids is the first children’s hospital in Canada to harness the power of data intelligence to advance the delivery of health care by improving efficiency and reducing patient risk;
  • SickKids will construct an efficient, safe clinical campus, including a state-of-the-art Emergency Suite, capable of delivering the most cutting-edge, compassionate care.

It was truly inspiring to see how philanthropy has the power to bring people together to strive towards a common goal.

At The Upside Foundation, we are honoured to have been chosen as the platform to enable early-stage, high-growth companies to contribute to the campaign through an equity donation.  Many companies have decided to support SickKids by sharing their upside.


Over 20 companies were recognized at the event for sharing their upside with SickKids:

  • Balaji Gopalan, Medstack
  • Gerard Maynard & Vikram Chopra, Gift Jeenie,
  • Allen Lau, Wattpad
  • Kevin Oulds, Willful
  • Micheal Katchen, Wealthsimple
  • Ben Zifkin, Hubba
  • Daniel Warner, Mediseen
  • Sultan Mehrabi & Danish Yusuf, Zensurance
  • Jeremy Otto & Shibli Haddad, Giving Gateway
  • Edward Shim & Olivia Lin, Studio 1 Labs
  • Sergey Kalnish, Smarthire Inc.
  • David Kalman, dHack
  • Diana Nguyen Lux Second Chance
  • Rasha Katabi, Brim Financial Inc.
  • Tim Decker, My Lil’Healthmart
  • Justin Hartzman, Micheal Koral & Jeremy Poriah, Needls
  • Taylor Klick, IVVI
  • Alkarim Jivraj, Espresso Capital
  • Sue Britton, FinTech Growth Syndicate
  • Paul Teshima & Steve Woods,


We invite any company looking to support SickKids with a long-term equity donation to do so through The Upside Foundation.


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