Testimonials - Upside Foundation of Canada


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I strongly believe in the importance of giving back, and the Upside Foundation is an excellent platform for startups and high growth companies to do so. I would encourage all CEOs to consider giving back in this way.

Samuel Duboc, President & CEO

Elkland Capital

The Upside Foundation mandate is unique in the landscape of Canadian foundations. It's important to ensure that there's a tie in between the private success of startups, and the public benefit of the society that produces them.  I hope we are able to make a 1% donation the status quo among startups here.

Assaf Weisz, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Purpose Capital

It's a pleasure to team up with my VC colleagues to support The Upside Foundation and its innovative approach to help charities and startup entrepreneurs.

Stuart Browne, CEO / Founder

Pycap Group of Companies

“It’s so exciting that the Upside Foundation has been created.  Making it easy for startups to ensure that their valuable equity can easily and simply contribute to society is an important part of our startup ecosystem.  This is a unique and valuable program!”

Dan Debow, VP

Rypple, SalesForce.com

In partnership with Canada’s Upside Foundation, we’re helping private Canadian companies build an integrated philanthropy model early on that will have a significant social impact on Canadian communities today and into the future.

Suzanne DiBianca, President

Salesforce Foundation

“Here's a really cool idea: the Upside Foundation would like entrepreneurs to donate options, which would benefit charities if a startup had an exit.”

Mark Evans, Principal

ME Consulting

Companies that donate 1% of their equity have no downside – it doesn’t cost them anything unless their company has a successful exit. Plus our member companies tell me it’s a motivating factor to know that it’s not just shareholders that benefit from a successful outcome; that you’re working hard for the benefit of whatever cause is meaningful to you.

Nicole Glaros, Partner

Techstars Ventures

“I think this is a fantastic program.  A healthy technology ecosystem benefits everyone and this is a terrific platform to capture start up success and allow all participants to meaningfully re-invest money in its own ecosystem.  It is programs like these that ensure the longevity of success and align perfectly with who we are as Canadians.”

Matt Golden, Founder and Managing Director

Golden Venture Partners

Go to Upside Foundation.  I believe vigorously that we as a tech community can make a much bigger difference than we do.  I think we are all privileged to be working in an community where we can make a lot of a money and giving back to our ecosystem is important.

Howard Gwin, Corporate Director

It's important to remember that it is hard work but also our circumstances in life that factor into our ability to achieve success. No one truly makes it on their own and entrepreneurs know this better than most. The Upside Foundation makes it easy to give back and collectively have a big impact; whether it means a positive effect in just one person's life or giving someone the chance to chase their dream and change the world, we're all better for it.

Jaafer Haidar, Serial Entrepreneur