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“I wish I had given 1% of my startups to a foundation in the past and I am committed to doing it with every company I am a part of in the future. When you are building a company it can be extremely difficult to give back as often or as much as you would like, the Upside Foundation is providing Canadian entrepreneurs with a proven way to give back while building amazing companies. ”

Jevon Macdonald, VP

GoInstant, SalesForce.com

I feel it’s an inspiring way for emerging tech companies to connect with their communities in a way that can be meaningful without creating financing barriers or huge overhead costs.

Shirley Speakman, Partner

Cycle Capital Management

I think treating the Upside Foundation as a platform where really everything is done for you, and you can communicate the value of this program, the way it works and why it's important to a start-up, is very important.   I think programs like these need to be supported by the entire ecosystem.

Salim Teja, EVP, Ventures


This is an opportunity for you to give back on a relatively small scale while you are still small and then you also have that as part of your corporate branding which helps you to attract and retain customers in the meantime whole not really having had the investment in terms of money or effort.

Mark Lang, Former HR Business Partner

Google Canada

If you're about self actualization and taking the employee to a higher level of consciousness, giving them pride, and getting a whole bunch of intangible benefits, that accrue from something like the Upside Foundation,  then I think you really want to pay attention to the Upside CSR program in a start-up company.

Don Morrison, Senor Advisor

Novacap, Former COO Blackberry

People coming into the workforce now want to see an organization however small have a very serious CSR program in place. As an investor seeing that as a big value driver is something that we certainly get behind. We encourage all our companies to participate going forward.

Derek Smyth, COO

Vision Critical