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The Upside Foundation of Canada Appoints Brent Holliday to its Board of Directors
October 14, 2015

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The Upside Foundation of Canada, a registered Canadian charity that works with Canadian start-ups to “Share the Upside” and give back to their communities, announced the appointment of Brent Holliday to the Board of Directors.  Brent will be representing Western Canada to ensure that Canadian founders from coast to coast can easily partake in the benefits of easily establishing a social mission right from the outset of company creation.

“Brent brings 20 years technology company development experience as both an investor and advisor.  We are excited by Brent’s profile in Vancouver’s technology community and our shared vision to bring social responsibility to this sector.  It also affirms the Upside Foundation’s national commitment to communities from coast to coast”, said Rob Antoniades, Upside Foundation Co-Founder and Chair.

Brent is the co-founder and CEO of Canada’s first technology-focused boutique M&A advisory firm, Garibaldi Capital Advisors. Founded in 2013, Garibaldi helps private technology companies across Canada grow by planning and executing on their capital strategy needs and assisting them through M&A transactions. In its first 24 months, Garibaldi completed ten transactions just from the technology industry in BC.

Brent spent five years prior to founding Garibaldi doing technology transactions for Capital West Partners in Vancouver. Before that, Brent was a technology focused venture capitalist, raising over $40 million with two other partners in 1999 to invest in 15 early stage companies. In the Internet 1.0 days of the mid-90’s Brent helped found an Internet Software company, later known as Maximizer Technologies, and worked for BDC’s venture capital group before founding his own fund.

For over 20 years, Brent has been part of the technology ecosystem in Western Canada, sitting on many Industry Association boards, speaking on technology matters and writing columns for BIV, BC Business and on-line at T-Net since 1998. He has an MBA from the University of British Columbia and an Honours Bachelor of Science from Western University.

Brent is excited about the opportunity to help the Upside Foundation engage Western Canadian-based entrepreneurs to give back to their communities.  “In my 22 years in the technology industry in BC, I have seen a keen interest among entrepreneurs in having a positive social impact. The problem is that they start their companies with a lean mentality and grow them with all available cash, limiting what they can give back. Upside gives the founders, investors and the staff of start-ups a way to “pay it forward” with their own hard work and value creation,” said Brent.

The Upside Foundation is a new platform that facilitates early-stage, high-growth companies to support local charitable efforts by donating stock options or warrants, not cash.  When a liquidity event occurs, the Upside Foundation sells its options or warrants and donates the proceeds to relevant and leading edge Canadian charities focused on education, poverty, and technology.

Once start-ups are part of the Upside Foundation, Founders are able to reach out to like-minded entrepreneurs for feedback and support.  In addition, since the team behind the Upside Foundation includes VCs, seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as an Advisory Board, donors have opportunities for informal discussions with experts in their ecosystem. For more information about, or to contact The Upside Foundation, please visit

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