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The Upside Foundation Opens The Toronto Stock Exchange
April 4, 2017

TSX Photo

This morning, The Upside Foundation opened the Toronto Stock Exchange, to pay homage to the ultimate startup dream of taking your company public, and to celebrate the impact that those companies who have pledged to give back will have on our country.

Check out the official video here.

Our newest members from Wattpad (Allen Lau), Wealthsimple (Nora Jenkins), Overbond (Han Ryoo) were there to kick off our #150×150: Turn Equity into Charity campaign.

Steve Mills, Monique Rajaram and team from the Toronto Stock Exchange were excellent hosts, serving us a delicious breakfast and a bubbly toast.

Thanks to all those in our community who opened the Toronto Stock Exchange with us today:

Upside Foundation Members:

DomainAgents (Ryan McKegney), Empty Cubicle (Eric Riz), FindMeCourses (Ayhan Isaacs), Gugoiza (Idas Levato), Final Blueprint (Kevin Oulds & Bob Binns), Hubba (Ben Zifkin), Level48 (Rob Klein), Lurniture (David Bloom & James Tam), MeetVibe (Mircea Baldean, with co-founders Carol Aebi & Gabriel Paun skyped in from San Fransisco & Switzerland) Ooka Island (Joelle MacPhee), Petbulb (Paul Ikhane), Prosperitas (Kevin Tam), Understoodit (David Misshula) and Chris Hamoen

Upside Foundation Supporters:

Abacus (Peter Reitano) and KPMG (Guy Lancaster, Santino Mariani)

Upside Foundation Founders & Manager:

Janie Goldstein, Jen Couldrey, Mark Skapinker and Rob Antoniades

Featured in:

YAHOO! Finance


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