Why Pledge? - Upside Foundation of Canada

Why Pledge?

There are so many reasons to “Share your Upside”

  • Give back to your community - Donating is a simple way to demonstrate social responsibilityOpen or Close
    • You can easily acknowledge the role the community plays in helping you build a strong company
    • A small donation today can lead to a huge impact later
    • Huge effort has gone into building the platform to make it easy to use our ready built platform – with legal and tax considerations fully covered
    • With over 86,000 Canadian charities, you can ensure the most impactful charities are supported
  • Build your startup cultureOpen or Close
    • Social mission can easily be shared by all employees
    • Philanthropy has been proven to boost company culture and in doing so – boost productivity
    • A boosted startup culture and social mission has been proven to improve recruiting & retention
  • Be part of an exclusive communityOpen or Close
    • Get to know the other members – a group of like-minded entrepreneurs
    • Meet other prominent members of the startup community at Upside Foundation events
    • Get to know the Board of Directors and Advisors of the Upside Foundation, who are investors and leaders in the Canadian entrepreneurial community. They are been very generous in meeting with and sharing advice with members upon request
    • The Upside Foundation team is vested in the success of our members – since our goals are fully aligned. We do what we can to help!
  • Increase visibility and credibility in the Canadian VC / startup communityOpen or Close
    • Recognition in the Canadian entrepreneurial community including local media coverage and social media
    • Use of the Upside Foundation logo on your company website and marketing materials
    • Opportunities to partake in our signature events
    • Invitations to speak at local events
    • Member logos are showcased on the Upside Foundation website and marketing materials – as well as the website of Pledge 1%, our global partner
    • Members are encouraged to share a video or blog that can be included on the Upside Foundation website / social media and shared on members’ own websites / social media
  • Enjoy additional perksOpen or Close
    • Bennett Jones LLP is offering its services for a fully customized option plan at the reduced rate of $500 exclusively for Upside Foundation members
    • INC Society is offering members one year free membership
    • Members receive discounted rates to attend the Toronto CIX conference, Fireside Conference, and other events
    • Members often offer each other discounts or exclusive access to their products or services
    • We are looking into other valuable benefits via our global partners – so stay tuned!
  • Be part of the success and create a lasting legacy for your company and yourselfOpen or Close
    • Establish a new standard of leadership in the community and be at the forefront of an exciting and innovative program
    • The more Canadian startups that donate through this platform, the more we can, together, make a huge impact on society
    • Establish yourself as a visionary leader

One Page Overview – For more information
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In Our Members’ Own Words


“This pledge cements our commitment to give back and participate in the communities we live, work and play in.  We received early support from Canadian business leaders and the startup community including participating in The Next Founder’s program and are thrilled to be able to give back and support Canadian organizations such as NEXT Canada through The Upside Foundation.”

Empty Cubicle

“Making this formal commitment from the very beginning is a part of our corporate culture. It will allow our employees to work together towards a greater goal — sharing our future success with our community”. For Empty Cubicle’s complete post, click here.


“Empathy is about understanding how someone else views the world. It’s the core value we’re building FunnelCake upon. From a customer-focused development model to the people we are going to hire, we’re focused on getting new perspectives. But for now, we’re still two white men sharing our view of how others see the world.

This is why we’ve donated 1% equity in our company, and why we think more founders should too.

When we’re successful, we want to share that success with others. Our focus with Upside and Pledge 1% are charities that help get women and girls, LGBTQ youth, and people of colour create opportunities in tech, design, and entrepreneurship.”  For Funnelcake’s complete post, click here.


“For those of you starting or working on startups, 1% of something small is still something small. However, philanthropy is not defined by your logo on the wall of a major hospital or educational institution. You can make a small investment in philanthropy today that will bring near-term returns in culture and long-term financial upside for your entire community.

The time is now to plant your seed of giving and let your team water it every day by building a successful company that creates wealth, jobs and gives back to your community.

Everyone is rooting for you. Make the pledge. Make it happen.

We are doing it today.”

For Lurniture’s complete post, click here.

Nanex Technologies

“Take a moment to imagine how it feels knowing the good you have accomplished and that as a sort of instant karma that good fed directly back into your company.

As I started this article, we all have it in our hearts to want to do good. Thinking outside the box, conceptualizing and consolidating the resources at your fingertips with the possibilities that could come from partnerships with non-profits will absolutely lead to new revenues if done correctly. There is another way to do business than the traditional push and grind business development and one that if adopted will change this world for the better.” For Nanex Technologies complete post, click here.