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Share the Upside

We enable early stage and high growth companies to give back by donating equity to charity. Supported by leading investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs, the process is simple: donate options, warrants or personal proceeds, and when you have a liquidity event, that donation converts to cash for the charities you support. Join our community today and bake social responsibility into your company brand. Take the first step by pledging today or click here to book a meeting to learn more.

150×150 Campaign

150x150: Turn Equity into Charity is our campaign to grow our membership to 150 companies as we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. A challenge to Canadian startups to join the movement and donate equity to charity. An opportunity for the Canadian startup community to make a statement about who we are, what we stand for, and the role we see for ourselves in Canada's future.

Canadian Partner of the Pledge 1% Movement

Pledge 1% is a global movement spearheaded by the Salesforce Foundation and others to inspire companies around the world to embed a social mission at an early stage. The Upside Foundation provides the legal and accounting platform, along with an active forum for connection, for Canadian startups to donate equity. Click here to learn more.

About Us

The Upside Foundation offers an exciting opportunity for Canadian
startups, together with the entire tech industry in Canada, to rally
together in support of our community and those in need.

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